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Medical Miracle? The Exciting Science of Stem Cells

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

Stem Cell science is one of the most exciting and promising fields of study in medicine. Already, doctors are seeing countless breakthroughs in treatment, and patients are experiencing improved results in a wide range of health issues. By some estimates, Stem Cell Therapy is being used to successfully treat up to 65 different diseases.

These documented results led to increased funding for more extensive research into adult (mesenchymal) Stem Cell Therapy, which means better treatment now and more promising results in the future.

In a report exploring how the benefits of Stem Cells are “transforming medicine,” experts described Stem Cell treatment as a “quantum leap” and a modern “medical miracle.”

Why are Mesenchymal Stem Cells so effective now? Because mesenchymal Stem Cells can become a range of cell types including but not limited to bone cells, cartilage cells, muscle cells and fat cells. That means the potential for effective treatment using adult Stem Cells touches on multiple areas that directly affect our health and quality of life.

Stem Cell Therapy – Safe and Effective Because stem cell therapy has already been in use for many years, physicians have a strong body of evidence to rely on when considering Stem Cells in treatment for ailments including but not limited to pain in joints, ligaments and spine. Patients can be confident that Stem Cell Therapy is safe and effective. How effective? Up to 80 percent of patients who receive Stem Cell injections experience decreased pain and increased function. Could you be one of those 80 percent? Chances are very good, if you are suffering from joint pain or limited movement due to joint stiffness, you could benefit from the incredible medical miracle known as Stem Cell Therapy. Atlanta Spine Specialists, Windward Surgical Center In my own practice, I’ve seen a number of patients benefit from Stem Cell medicine. More than a few of these folks were at the end of their rope, told by others their only option was imminent joint replacement surgery. These patients opted for non-invasive Stem Cell treatment rather than highly invasive joint replacement surgery, and they have experienced significant results – decreased pain and increased movement – without surgery.

About the Stem Cell Controversy

Anyone who has been following the exciting developments in the science of Stem Cell Therapy is likely familiar with some of the controversy surrounding the use of Stem Cells for medical research. Do in part to incomplete or erroneous reporting on the topic of Stem Cell research, some people believe all Stem Cells are embryonic (fetal) Stem Cells, obtained exclusively from human embryos. This has led to some valid concerns regarding Stem Cell science. Fortunately, not all Stem Cell research and treatment is conducted using embryonic Stem Cells. In fact, the study and medical use of adult (non-fetal) Stem Cells is showing tremendous promise.

While the term “Adult Stem Cells” has caught on to help differentiate between non-fetal and embryonic Stem Cells, it’s important to note that somatic “adult” cells can be found in children as well. The key point here is that, with adult Stem Cell treatment, the donor is also the recipient, a willing participant in the procedure. So, not only is adult Stem Cell treatment often more effective, it is also more ethical.

The advances have been so incredible, federal funding for adult Stem Cell research continues to increase. In 2012, after more than a decade of substantial progress in Stem Cell science, the National Institute of Health (NIH) designated more than half a billion dollars for adult Stem Cell research. Meanwhile, a growing number of physicians report significant gains in patient satisfaction and quality of life thanks to Stem Cell Therapy.

In our practice, we use only healthy, non-embryonic Stem Cells taken directly from the consenting patient receiving the treatment. More than a decade of extensive research and application, as well as my many years as a practicing physician have proven that non-fetal Stem Cells can deliver tremendous results in the treatment of multiple medical conditions without the difficult ethical questions.

To find out how Stem Cell Therapy can help you achieve renewed vigor and experience less pain, schedule a one-on-one consultation about your concerns. Dr. Skaliy will answer all your questions and discuss the ways in which Stem Cell Therapy can benefit you.

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