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Treatment Areas

Back Pain

If you are one of the 80 percent of American adults who will suffer from lower back pain, I have some good news for you.

Back Stretch
Hip Pain

Hip pain, especially chronic pain or weakness, can be debilitating, leading to a significantly reduced quality of life. 

Knee Pain

Many adult stem cells come from the same sort of cells that grow into cartilage, menisci, ligaments, and muscles,...

Taping a shoulder wound
Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain, stiffness, or weakness can affect nearly everything we do, making it difficult or impossible to do many ...

Leg Pain

When your leg hurts, the source of the pain can be a mystery. With so many bones, ligaments, tendons,...

Hair Loss

When looking at both male and female pattern baldness there are some similarities as well as some key differences patients...


Stem Cell Therapy is a Medical Miracle!

Many of us would prefer to have minimally invasive treatment as opposed to surgery which is associated with a long recovery and potential risks.

Stem Cell treatments are innovative, natural and yet a highly successful alternative option for pain.

When our bodies degenerate, we are presented with accepting the outcome or making a change.

Because pain limits us, it prevents us from living a full life. We change our behaviors, we stop doing what we love, limit time with our grandchildren, we take a break from the golf course, tennis court, cycling, in the hopes we will feel better. We understand and want to help you to get back to living a full life.

These procedures we are presetting are not band aids. They are offering opportunities for your body to actually heal, regenerate, and straighten the damage that resides in your body. Stem Cell therapy allows your body to use its own platelets, and growth factors to deliver support to heal through a natural process.

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